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  • Noelle Brown, who was born in Bessborough said extracts of the testimony she gave to the Commission of Investigation contain "at least 10 glaring inaccuracies" within it.

    Ms Brown, an artist and Adoption Rights activist said she feels "raw" after yesterday's publication of the Commission's findings and her sentiments are "not helped" by inaccuracies in her testimony.

    Speaking on RTÉ's Today with Claire Byrne, she said the testimony she received states that she was "reared by her birth parents", but she said she went to Bessborough as an adoptee.

    "It arrived this morning, and the timing is so great in light of what happened yesterday, still reeling from all of that, and to see 10 glaring inaccuracies, starting with the fact that apparently I was reared by my birth parents. Now I went there as an adoptee. They know they had one job to transcribe accurately, my testimony." 

    She also said that when she gave her account to the Commission she was asked "a couple of questions" but in the transcript it appears she was asked 222 questions. She said this is untrue, and that she believes her answers "have been shoehorned into fit these 222 questions."

    She added: "I felt it was a wasted exercise. I went there to find out the subject of vaccine trials, which they wouldn't investigate on my behalf. I was sent back to Tusla and they wouldn't investigate on my behalf."

    Ms Brown explained that "details are so important to people who have been adopted", that the inaccuracies in the detail that she gave to the Commission are even more hurtful.