The Cabinet sub-committee on Ukraine has backed a proposal to pay €400 per month for hosting Ukrainian refugees.

The proposal will go to the full Cabinet for approval next Tuesday.

It is expected that legislation will be required to bring the measure into force and clarify how it will be paid out and who will administer it.

It is understood the same payment will be made to all hosts - irrespective of the size of the property.

Just over 29,000 people from Ukraine have arrived in Ireland since the end of February.

Despite tens of thousands of offers of places in people's homes, the overall number of rooms delivered has been very low and pledges from the public are now drying up.

There is concern that thousands of places in hotels might not be available from June when current contracts with the State expire and the tourist season begins.

Plans to ensure there are enough school places for Ukrainian children in September were also discussed.

Government ministers are worried about unaccompanied minors arriving in Ireland, with just over 100 having travelled here so far.

A Department of Justice spokesperson said last night that Tulsa should be notified immediately about these children to ensure their safety.