The Taoiseach has told the Dáil that the issue people reoffending while out on bail was a matter of "grave concern" which causes "immense anger to the community at large."

Micheal Martin said he was aware of recent media coverage of the bail system and it was up to judges to refuse bail in the case of a serious offence, adding that provision had been strengthened recently.

He said the overriding part of the Justice Plan 2021 would be be to prevent reoffending and said he would discuss the issue of bail with the Minister for Justice.

"We have to tackle repeat offending in general. And then there is the question...of the bail system", he said.

Mr Martin said the Government understood that some categories of crime had "high levels" of reoffending.

He was responding to Independent TD Noel Grealish who said that between 2011 to 2020 offenders who were out on bail were found guilty of 261,000 crimes including 84 homicides.

Mr Grealish said that last year, 30,000 of those who were convicted in the courts last year were out on bail.

He said criminals were laughing at the justice system.