Tánaiste Leo Varadkar has said he does not believe charges will be brought against him in relation to his passing of a document to a group representing doctors in 2019 when he was Taoiseach.

When asked if he would step aside in the event of charges being brought against him, he said: "I don't contemplate that happening... that is not something I'm considering. I don't believe it is going to happen." 

Mr Varadkar made the remarks in an interview with the Michael Reade show on LMFM today. 

Last year, Mr Varadkar said he was wrong to give a copy of an agreement between the State and Irish Medical Organsiation (IMO) to a rival group called the National Association of General Practitioners (NAGP). 

He apologised in the Dáil, which voted confidence in him. 

It has since emerged that the matter is being investigated by gardaí. 

Today, Mr Varadkar said the gardaí and the Director of Public Prosecutions should be allowed to do their job. He said he had not been contacted by gardaí. 

"There has been a lot said about this and a lot of it is not accurate or true", he said. "I gave a full account about all of this in the Dáil both in November and January and won a confidence motion in the Dáil. 

"It was not a contract, nor was it a draft contract. It was not a Cabinet document nor a budget secret, so a lot of things said about this are inaccurate or continue to be inaccurate." 

Mr Varadkar said a contract is a legal document, which two or three parties signed and are bound by. It was not a contract or a draft contract, he said, adding that this is "part of the difficulty I face, there has been so much misinformation about this." 

He went on to say: "All I know is that a complaint was made to the gardaí back in November and the gardaí have to do their job and investigate that complaint." 

He said gardaí took a statement from Minister for Higher Education Simon Harris in January. This was how he heard about the investigation, he added. 

"My solicitors contacted the gardaí at that point to say that I would be willing to give a statement or be interviewed or whatever they need and I have heard nothing since." 

Mr Varadkar also said some of the leaks about the story were not accurate. 

"What I am not allowing this to do is distract me from my job."