The Stop Climate Change Coalition and the Environmental Pillar have said the Government's Climate Change Plan does not go far enough. 

A new report by the groups said Ireland is far off course when it comes to achieving its 2020 climate and energy targets. 

The Government's plan, published in June, set out a road map for Ireland and how it is going to meet its greenhouse gas target. 

The plan includes targets for putting 1 million electric vehicles on Irish roads; retrofitting of 500,000 homes and achieving 70% renewable energy in power generation.

The group's report says there is no clear commitment in the Government's plan to tackle emissions over the next ten years. 

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It says the Government's plan to reduce emissions by 2% a year from now until 2030 is not sufficient. 

The report says the plan ignores some of the recommendations proposed by the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Climate Action, in particular in the areas of transport and agriculture. 

The group is calling for the preparation of a Carbon Budget by the Climate Council to get under way as soon possible.

It also wants the Government to bring legislation to the Dáil after the summer recess to strengthen the climate law that was passed in 2015 including making the targets legally binding. 

The group criticised what they said was the Government's decision to block the Climate Emergency Measures Bill.

The bill seeks to ban oil and gas exploration in Irish waters.

The bill was due to proceed to committee stage last month but the Government said it needed a 'money message', which would require Government support in order for it to pass.

Friends of the Earth and spokesperson for both groups, Oisin Coghlan, welcomes the Government's plan to put Ireland's climate target into law. 

However, he says the Government must come up with more measures to reduce emissions quickly. 

He said: "The Government should go back and read the Oireachtas report again because it's left out key recommendations on agriculture and transport which would put Ireland on a more positive pathway."

"Nothing the Government does will restore Ireland's reputation on climate change if they continue to block the Dáil even debating the future of Ireland's oil and gas explorations in Irish waters."