It's just over a year since the Eighth Amendment was removed from the Irish Constitution.

In Voices of the 8th, a new podcast for RTÉ News, some of those involved on both sides of the campaign including politicians, lawyers and doctors reflect on one of the most monumental events politically and socially in Ireland's history.


Lawyers played an active role on both sides of the referendum campaign.

While some of the campaigns have dissolved since May last year, Lawyers for Choice remain active.

The group maintained a live feed as the Regulation for Termination of Pregnancy Bill went through the Oireachtas.

Máiréad Enright, who is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Birmingham, welcomes the legislation but like Cora Sherlock on the opposing side, who is also a lawyer, Enright says the fight isn't over.

"I think it's important to think about how the legislation can be improved. There's still that commitment to ensuring that reform brings about meaningful access particularly for marginalised women"

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