It's just over a year since the Eighth Amendment was removed from the Irish constitution.

In Voices of the 8th, a new podcast for RTÉ News, some of those involved on both sides of the campaign including politicians, lawyers, doctors reflect on one of the most monumental events politically and socially in Ireland's history.

Episode 2 - Communications

Communications managers on both sides took up their roles months in advance of Referendum day.

Weeks of relentless work followed, during which the Yes and No sides sought to get their messages out to voters.

In Voices of the 8th we speak to two of them.

Communications manager John McGuirk became renowned for his direct unyielding approach with the media.

"I think if you talk to an average journalist and say to them, did they cover the campaign fairly - they would say yes. I think their definition of fair may be different to my definition of fair or what people on the no sides' definition of fair might be."

He also addresses the impact of decisions by Facebook and Google to ban advertising online for the No side in Episode 2.

There's no doubt, the No side stole a march on the Yes campaign by erecting posters over a week before their opponents.

It resulted in debate online and on the airwaves.

That head start is acknowledged by the Communications Manager of Together for Yes Amy Rose Harte, but she explains the strategy from her point of view as voting day approached.

She said: "The critical message for the yes campaign and it became very much central to our strategy in the last eight weeks was that abortion is a reality in Ireland."

While the Together for Yes campaign has been inundated with awards since the referendum last year, Harte doesn't appear to be as prolific a recipient than others.

She gives her reaction at the end of Episode two of Voices of the 8th.

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