It's just over a year since the Eighth Amendment was removed from the Irish constitution.

In Voices of the 8th, a new podcast for RTÉ News, some of those involved on both sides of the campaign including politicians, lawyers, doctors reflect on one of the most monumental events politically and socially in Ireland's history.

Episode 1 - Campaigners

In the first of eight episodes, two leading campaigners on both sides of the Referendum reflect on the ballot and the future of abortion in Ireland.

Ailbhe Smyth, who has been campaigning for women's rights and reproductive rights for 37 years, was one of the Co-Directors of Together for Yes.

She welcomes that two-thirds of voters favoured Repeal but she is cautious about the future.

"Women's reproductive rights are never won once and for all, in fact, no rights are ever won once and for all, it's a lesson I learned many years ago. What you have gained can be taken away"

Ailbhe Smyth expresses the hope that it does not take another 35 years before people understand that abortion "is not something peculiar".

However, those against the existence of abortion service in Ireland say the fight back has already begun.

Cora Sherlock who campaigned on behalf of the LoveBoth campaign is determined.

"This law is only on loan to the abortion campaigners and there's no question about the debate being over

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