This week Leo Varadkar’s administration was the subject of stinging criticism of its stewardship of the economy by the Irish Fiscal Advisory Council.

The financial watchdog simply said the Government’s plans "are not credible" and there had been little progress reducing debt. 

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But there was also disapproval about the way schools treat some children with behavioural issues or pupils from the Traveller community.

The Education Committee heard how schools which can’t manage some children cut the hours they are allowed attend classes - potentially putting these children at a disadvantage. 

This week presenter David Murphy, standing in for Aine Lawlor, is joined by Political Correspondent Mícheál Lehane and reporter Aisling Kenny.

The team also discusses how Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has shifted his position on holding a General Election and the political controversy over Rockall which has seen the Ireland clash with Scotland over fishing rights.