The Government is planning an overhaul of the electoral register.

Minister for State for Local Government and Electoral Reform John Paul Phelan has vowed to clean up the existing register, which he said saw polling cards sent to voters who no longer reside at the address.

Speaking on RTE’s Your Politics podcast, he said the Irish system was "archaic".

"We have to avoid a situation, where particularly in large cities, you can have a wedge of polling cards, for people who haven’t lived at an address for ten years."

He said there would be one online form and one hard copy form for voters to register. 

Minister Phelan said overall responsibility of compiling the electoral register would be given to the Electoral Commission, but it would still be run by the local authorities.

He also said a non-statutory Electoral Commission would roll into a permanent commission and as new legislation comes in it will have powers added to it.

Minister Phelan also said he expects the heads of the Divorce Bill will be available before the countries vote in the referendum.

He said it would make more sense for the time period for divorce to be decided by the Oireachtas instead of being changed in the Constitution.

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