Transport Minister Shane Ross has reiterated his determination to introduce new road safety measures that will increase fines for speeding motorists.

He insisted today the proposals are urgently needed because people's lives are at stake.

The measures are currently being examined by a Cabinet sub-committee after some initial political resistance when they first emerged last year.

Rural Affairs Minister Michael Ring was among those who was vocal in his opposition to the changes.

If the measures were introduced, speeding would no longer be viewed as a single offence.

Instead, those driving up to 10kms above the speed limit could pay a fine of €80 and receive between three and five penalty points.

If you drive up to 20kms over the allowed speed, there would be a €150 fine and between four and six points placed on your licence. 

Motorists driving between 20-30kms over the speed limit would be hit with a €200 fine and up to seven penalty points.

Anyone driving in excess of 30kms above the speed limits would be charged with dangerous driving.

The Transport Minister said that drink-driving legislation has in the past faced much filibustering and he hopes this will not happen again.