Deputy Leader of Fianna Fáil Dara Calleary has said that there is frustration within his party with the ongoing confidence and supply agreement with the Fine Gael-led Government.

Mr Calleary told RTÉ's Morning Ireland that there is "good, vigorous debates" in the party about the ongoing support it gives to the minority Government.

However, he said those who are frustrated are ambitious and understand the agreement is "a courageous political decision".

Fianna Fáil will support the Government's omnibus legislation being introduced today to prepare for a no-deal Brexit scenario, Mr Calleary said. 

He said the measures in the Bill are surprising in their practicality and reach and show why stability in government is needed at this challenging time.

Mr Calleary said Fianna Fáil is not happy with the lack of action on housing and health and is continuing to hold the Government to account.

He insisted that his party is putting across alternatives and has ensured the National Treatment Purchase Fund is addressing waiting lists.

He said that while it does not "support where the Government is going with health", Brexit could have an impact on the health budget.