The Irish Property Owners' Association (IPOA) has said landlords are concerned about proposed legislation which would ban evictions on the grounds of sale. 

Tom O'Brien, of the IPOA was speaking to the Oireachtas Housing Committee today, which was discussing the changes proposed in the Anti-Eviction Bill and Greater Security and Rent Certainty Bill.

He said their office has been inundated by calls from landlords about the proposed laws, which would make it illegal for landlords to seek vacant possession when seeking to sell a property. 

Mr O'Brien told the committee, that there has been a "mass exodus" of landlords leaving the sector due to ongoing tax and legislation changes that have been implemented. 

Labour TD Jan O'Sullivan told the committee that more forceful legislation is needed as more people depend on the private rented sector for housing. 

She was answering questions about the Greater Security of Tenure and Rent Certainty Bill, which aims to give renters greater security in their homes as well as rent certainty.

The bill would ban evictions on the grounds of sale and proposes to effectively extend the rent pressure zones across the country to have a rental cap in each county.

Solidarity People Before Profit TD Mick Barry was also before the committee to discuss his party's Anti-Eviction Bill.

Mr Barry told the committee that it was  "insanity" to continue to allow economic evictions to take place in the midst of the greatest housing and homelessness crisis in the history of the State. 

He said that his bill aims to address this issue because he said families are being uprooted and moved on a regular basis. 

The committee also heard from the Union of Students in Ireland, which said that the lack of accommodation is becoming a significant barrier to accessing education.

Michelle Byrne, Vice President of the USI said rents being charged for the new student accommodation are unaffordable for the average student.

She said students are sleeping in cars, staying late in the library, couch-surfing with a friend and commuting for hours to get to lectures because of the rising rents.

In relation to the Anti-Eviction Bill, she said extending tenancy rights to students in purpose built accommodation is a vital change needed in current housing policy because students have little to no rights in this area.

She said the Residential Tenancies (Greater Security of Tenure and rent certainty) Bill, addresses problems for students including deposits exceeding one month's rent and a residential tenancies register.