Former Fianna Fáil minister Barry Andrews has been selected by the party to run in the European Parliament elections in the Dublin constituency.

He was selected ahead of three other candidates at a convention in Dublin this evening.

Over 800 registered party members voted in the convention which was held in the Landsdowne Rugby Club.  Voting began at lunchtime. 

In his acceptance speech Mr Andrews said he will use every ounce of energy to win back a seat for Fianna Fáil at a most critical time in Irish history.

He also said there is real frustration about confidence and supply and said it has to be looked at, although it would be an act of national self-destruction to exit now ahead of Brexit.

Mr Andrews said there is frustration on the doors that Fianna Fáil are associated with some of the problems the Government are having at the moment, but there is not a single member of Fianna Fáil who does not acknowledge that throughout Brexit the party will have to maintain confidence and supply.

He said that as soon as that is clarified, confidence and supply has to be questioned.

He added that he was not sure if the arrangement could be maintained as far as another budget, although it was not something for him to decide. 

Asked whether he would stay in Europe if there was a General Election, he said he would stay for five years and is committed to fulfil at least one term.

The other candidates, former ministers Mary Hanifin and Conor Lenihan, and marriage equality campaigner Tiernan Brady, all wished Mr Andrews well and urged party members to get out an canvass in the coming weeks.