A cat missing for five years has been reunited with its owner after being found on an oil rig off the coast of Scotland.

Workers contacted the Scottish SPCA yesterday after they found the animal in a shipping container from Peterhead.

Staff from the animal welfare charity collected the microchipped cat after he was flown back to the Scottish mainland by helicopter.

He had been living as a stray around Peterhead Prison in Aberdeenshire before ending up aboard the oil rig.

SPCA animal rescue officer Aimee Findlay said she has "no idea how the cat ended up" in the container - but it had been nicknamed One-eyed Joe by the prison officers who have been feeding him for five years.

"After checking him for a microchip, it turns out his real name is Dexter," she said.

"We are so glad that he was well looked after for the time he was missing but were even more delighted to be able to reunite him with his original owner, thanks to his microchip being up to date."