A koala was caught on video trying to cool off on a garden sprinkler in Bowenville, Queensland as temperatures rose across Australia in a heatwave.

Footage obtained by Reuters and taken last Sunday showed the koala drinking from a sprinkler and sitting in it to cool off.

"We have lived on our farm for ten years and it is very unusual behaviour for a koala," said Christine Tully, who took the video. "I do think it's maybe an old koala though."

Temperatures in Queensland have been expected to breach 40 degrees over the next two days as a severe heatwave hits, with the Bureau of Meterology to issue severe fire warnings in southeast Queensland and the Rural Fire Service in New South Wales issuing total fire bans in some regions.

Unusually prolonged and intense bushfires fuelled by hotter and longer summers killed 33 people and an estimated one billion animals across Australia last summer, as nearly 12 million hectares of land was charred.