A US man has been charged with faking his own death to avoid being sentenced to prison in two open cases.

Robert Berger, 25, has also been charged with using his attorney to provide a prosecutor with the false death certificate in New York.

"Typos and formatting errors gave up what we allege is a forged death certificated that this defendant used to avoid accountability for other crimes," District Attorney Madeline Singas said.

Upon inspection of the certificate, the DA noted that font type and size changed in the document and prosecutors observed that the word "Registry" in the department name was misspelled as "Regsitry".

Mr Berger faces a maximum of four years in prison on the new charge.

The judge set bail at one dollar but Berger remains remanded on the old cases and he is due back in court next week.

Nassau County District Attorney published released the image of the forged death certificate.