Musicians from the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, who are self-isolating due to the coronavirus pandemic, came together to record a virtual, collaborative performance of Ludwig van Beethoven's 9th symphony from their homes. 

The Dutch orchestra filmed the finale of Beethoven’s symphony 'Ode to Joy’ with 19 musicians recording their individual parts on their respective instruments to a click track.

Each part was then added to an audio mix along with an archival recording of the final choir segment.

"We’re adjusting to a new reality and we’ll have to find solutions in order to support each other," the musicians said in the video.

As concert halls and theaters have been turned into silent, dark spaces by the need for social distancing to slow the spread of the virus, musicians forced into self-isolation have been finding creative ways to perform.

"From us, for you. We’re adjusting to a new reality. Creative forces help us, let’s think outside of the box and use innovation to keep our connection and make it work, together. Because if we do it together, we’ll succeed," the orchestra’s video caption read. 

Ode to Joy, written by German poet and playwright Friedrich Schiller, was used by Beethoven in the fourth and final movement of his Symphony No. 9.

The Council of Europe, and subsequently the European Union, adopted it as the "Anthem of Europe."