Traffic police in southeast England have shared an image of what they called "the most unusual vehicle" on a motorway.

A Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire Road (BCH) Policing Unit officer carried out a routine check on the vehicle only to discover that the homemade car was roadworthy and allowed on public roads.

Despite the revelation on the M25 in Hertfordshire, the officer was "still not convinced I know what it is".

The officer said it was "the most unusual vehicle I've stopped on a motorway in my 26 years!"

Speaking to the BBC, Sergeant Stephen Andrews, from the BCH Policing Unit, said: "This is certainly not a vehicle that is seen very often on our roads but after roadside inspection, we couldn’t find anything that would prevent the rider to continue his journey.

"The vehicle was keeping up with other traffic and didn’t cause any obstruction to other road users. The owner made sure that he fulfilled all the safety regulation as well as keeping the insurance, MOT and tax in date."

A spokeswoman for the force later told the BBC that the vehicle was "registered as a motorbike with a 'shell' around it made mostly out of fibreglass and plastic".