A man in India discovered a femme fatale in his bed this week – when a Bengal tiger wandered into his house to take shelter from a storm.

The exhausted animal was fleeing devastating flooding in Assam state, and is believed to have strayed from the nearby Kaziranga National Park.

The park has been almost entirely flooded and has seen an exodus of wildlife seeking dry ground.

Dr Samshul Ali, a veterinarian from the Wildlife Trust of India with the Assam Forest Department, captured photos of the tiger through a hole ripped in a wall before tranquilising the animal and preparing a passing for it to leave the property.

The tiger arrived early in the morning and was reportedly woken with firecrackers at around 5.30pm and left the house.

Assam has been in the grip of deadly flooding that has killed at least 36 people and displaced more than five million.

The floods have also claimed wildlife, including several one-horned rhinos, according to Indian news reports.