Personalised presents are being delivered to 440 homeless children in Dublin as part of a 'Secret Santa' drive.

Organisers said the initiative will mean the children don’t have "a sense of being forgotten" on Christmas Day.

"We started a Secret Santa drive for children who are staying in homeless and emergency accommodation over Christmas. I actually work for Focus Ireland, so through my contacts in the Family Services, we were able to reach out to 440 children," said organiser Rachel Cunningham.

In late November, Ms Cunningham put a call out on social media looking for Secret Santa participants.

There was an enthusiastic response and Ms Cunningham then matched children with donors, who then provided the gift requested by the children.

"You would get an email from me with the child’s age, gender and Secret Santa request. Every gift is individually, specifically bought for a child in emergency accommodation.So you know a four-year-old girl wants Paw Patrol, a five-year-old boy wants Transformers," said Ms Cunningham.

The 'Hen’s Teeth' studio on Fade Street in Dublin city centre offered their centrally located shop as a drop-off location. 

The studio was also used for last night’s wrapping party.

All 440 Secret Santa gifts are being delivered to homeless services across Dublin in the coming days.

Nearly 10,000 people were recorded as homeless in Ireland, according to the latest figures from the Department of Housing.

Of the 9,724 people without a home, 5,999 were adults and 3,725 were children.