With the sunny weather set to continue, a veterinary practice has warned that the conditions can cause problems for your furry friends.

Village Vets has some advice for keeping pets comfortable and safe in warm weather.


Cats, especially white ones, have very sensitive ears, and can contract skin cancer, which spreads quickly. They can be protected with factor 50 suncream

Ensure gardens have a shaded area if cats are outdoors, and leave water in the shade

Feed cats wet food to help with hydration

For indoor cats, make sure the room is well ventilated


Birds drinking from dogs’ bowls can contaminate the water with bacteria, leading dogs to become very ill

Provide a separate water container birds can access instead

Dogs can also become ill from eating inappropriate BBQ leftovers such as jumbo sausages and corn on the cob, which can require surgery if they become lodged

Dogs need exercise, but avoid walking them in the hottest part of the day

Ensure dogs have plenty of water

Rabbits and guinea pigs

For outdoor rabbits, make sure they have shade, placing their hutch in a cool area, and moving it as the sun moves if necessary

Avoid plastic hutches, which can get very hot in the sun

Freeze large bottles of water and place them in the hutch as cooling stations

Make sure water is topped up regularly

Guinea pigs should be kept indoors during high temperatures