Planning permission has been granted for a new apartment block in Killarney, but the development cannot be used for short-term tourist lets, according to planners.

The 43-apartments and car parking at Daly's Killarney Autos on the N22 bypass cannot be let for commercial or short term gain unless they have individual planning is the stipulation - among thirty conditions by Kerry County Council planners.

The proposed development by Zanka Development Ltd of Park Road, Killarney, in three five- and six-storey buildings, will see the demolition of the existing motor display buildings.

One-bed, two-bed and three-bed units are included.

"No part of the proposed apartments shall be used for the provision of overnight commercial guest accommodation without prior grant of planning permission, in the interests of orderly development and residential amenity," the council stipulated.

The council planners said the residential apartment blocks - the second such to be granted in the general area in six months - will meet the requirements of the development plan.

They had regard to location "within the development boundaries of Killarney on land zoned M4 – Built Up Area as per the Killarney Town Development Plan" and to the availability of services.

It also met traffic safety requirements, the planners decided.

A ban on satellite dishes is also among the conditions and all service lines including phone and electrical cables must be underground, the planners stipulate "in the interests of orderly development".

Killarney is experiencing a shortage of housing, with many local people now moving to outlying towns and villages. Amid a shortage in accommodation for service industry workers, the Europe Hotel is building extra staff accommodation to attract new workers.

Killarney is a rent-pressure zone, and the council has clamped down on short-term Airbnb and other tourist lets.

However, amid the closure of three- and two-star hotels to house Ukrainian refugees, it is feared that too much mid-price tourist accommodation is being taken out of the market to meet the needs of families and others seeking to holiday in Killarney.

A recent council meeting heard how no new housing development was currently under construction in Killarney. That meeting also heard, in response to a query from Cllr Maura Healy-Rae, how the council does not have any contracts for the provision of emergency accommodation in Killarney at present and is trying to secure contracts.