The Mayor of Limerick has welcomed a commitment by the editor of global media company Forbes to visit Limerick, after it published a widely criticised article last week which described Limerick as "stab city" and said it was known as "the murder capital of Europe".

Forbes chief content editor, Randall Lane, gave the commitment in a letter today to the mayor, Cllr Michael Collins, who invited him to take a closer at the city after the publication of an article last Friday by Forbes Online about the Collison brothers Patrick and John.

The article referred to the billionaire brothers "escaping" Limerick to Silicon Valley, describing Limerick as the last place one would want their children to grow up.

The article was removed fairly swiftly by Forbes after an avalanche of criticism by Limerick people across the world, which said it failed to reflect the positive, vibrant, historical and forward-looking city.

The Collison brothers also criticised the article; John described it as daft, while Patrick said it was crazy, adding that the brothers were who they were because of where they grew up.

Forbes responded by removing the article, saying it had failed to meet their editorial standards.

In a letter to Mayor Collins, Mr Lane committed to personally visiting Limerick when it is safe to do so, and hosting a '30 under 30' gathering – one of its global events that showcases the expertise and inventiveness of successful young people across the world.

The event, which would encompass young entrepreneurs from Limerick, would be covered across its global platforms, which reach a monthly audience of approximately 200 million people.

The Collison brothers criticised the article, describing it as 'daft' and 'crazy'

Mayor Collins said: "This is a creative solution and a positive opportunity that Randall Lane, editor of Forbes, has presented, so that a global audience can see the talent that Limerick has incubated.

"In a city where more than 50% of the population is under 35, I think Forbes will be spoilt for choice with some of the brightest minds and talent that is emerging here."

Mr Collins also acknowledged the swell of support for Limerick, both personally and online, for a more appropriate telling of the Limerick story.

"We now have an opportunity to harness a global audience of over 200 million to tell that great Limerick story", he said.

"I look forward to our marketing and communications team working with Forbes to bring the city's innovation, entrepreneurship and talent to the world."