Hip hop fans from Cork to Capetown are being asked to name their top five artists, tracks, and 'gems' of hip hop lyrics as part of a multi-million euro research project at University College Cork.

The global study is being led by Professor J Griffth Rollefson of UCC's Department of Music, who says by mapping these "gems of hip hop wisdom", the team hope to see how this music genre with its roots in the Bronx in New York in the 1970s has become popular the world over.

"Hip hop is a culture, it is a way of being in the world, a way of speaking truth to power in many cases, and that's why we want to look at how hip hop's message has spread globally."

The project team are particularly keen to hear "gems of hip hop wisdom".

These can be any hip hop related lyrics that are memorable or culturally significant - especially those with a local importance.

Prof Rollefson cites 'Ya Boy,  a soon-to-be released track by Garry McCarthy's KabinStudio rappers in Knocknaheeny, as a good example.

He says that while the issues the young rappers talk about maybe universal, that phrase 'Ya boy' makes it very much a hip hop song from Cork.

Fans are asked to share their favourites online over the next six months on Twitter via @GlobalCIPHER or on the dedicated project site at www.ucc.ie/cipher.

The data will be used to build a global map which will be available to researchers and the public.

The CIPHER project received €2m in 2018 from the European Research Council to look at the emergence, spread and influence of rap music and hip hop culture.