Believe it or not, the talk isn't only of football in Kerry this week, writes RTÉ's Joe Stack.

Farmer Patrick Howard finds himself the talk of the townland of Bawnaglanna, after his charolais heifer Molly gave birth to a world-record equalling five bull calves last Saturday - a whole new slant on the five-in-a-row.

Sadly one of the five didn’t survive, but for neighbours and friends this is still a story well worth All-Ireland like celebrations.

Thankfully for the newcomers, they will be spared a trip to the factory: Patrick sees a far brighter future for his four superstars, who he says will either go to stud or stay on his farm.

The only question now is that of names, and the All-Ireland replay will provide the answers.

Patrick says the names of all the Kerry players will go into a hat, four will be drawn out, and those will be the names given to the four calves.