The mother of a boy who was seriously injured in a hit-and-run in Cork last March says he has made an unbelievable recovery.

The incident happened at Castle Meadows off Skehard Road in Cork city shortly before 4pm on Monday 25 March.

Aishling Higgins says her son Zac, who turned three yesterday, can walk and talk again, and is forming four word sentences - which doctors did not expect.

She told RTÉ's News at One that her little boy's happy, smiley personality is there and that he "has a big smile on his face every day."

Ms Higgins said that Zac still struggles with daily tasks, saying that he has tremors in his hand and cannot hold a spoon.

Despite his progress, she said, there is always the worry that he will stop making improvements.

She added that because Zac has come on so well physically, there are concerns that he may suffer learning difficulties. 

She explained that Zac must attend the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Dún Laoghaire soon where they will "work on every aspect of him."  

"He's walking and they didn't think that he'd walk. He's started talking now. He can say kind of four word sentences which is amazing," she said.  

"Now he still struggles with daily tasks but he smiles through the whole lot. But look, we have him and we're delighted that he's here, and we'll take every day as it comes." 

Aishling said the day Zac was run over was the horrendous and the worst experience of their lives.

The two-year-old spent nearly eight weeks in Temple Street, where they discovered he had a very suffered a serious brain injury.

Aishling said half the parish has been invited to help Zac celebrate his birthday today, adding that he is looking forward to seeing Mickey Mouse and having lots of chocolate cake.