A report by the migrant women's networking group, AkiDwA, has found that early and forced marriages are taking place in Ireland.

The group is launching its Victims Support work and findings from its 'Report on Early and Forced Marriages in Ireland' today.

It found that figures are scarce, and there is no information on how many forced marriages are taking place in Ireland every year.

The report also says that Ireland lacks the specialist services needed to respond to forced marriages.

It notes that information is scarce online about what to do if you are in a forced marriage or a threat of forced marriage in Ireland. The report also found that there was a lack of research into forced and early marriage in Ireland.

It says that Ireland has committed to eliminating child, early and forced marriages by 2030 but has developed no comprehensive plan or actions to do so.

It says preventative measures must be put in place to tackle child, early, and forced marriages.

It says specialist services need to be established in Ireland that can provide information to victims/survivors, or those at risk of forced or early marriages.

It says that training needs to be provided to frontline responders such as teachers and healthcare professionals.

The report found there needs to be more legal protections put in place that protect victims/survivors, as the current law is based on punishing the perpetrators.

Dr Caroline Munyi, Migrant Women's Health Coordinator of AkiDwA said there is a strong link between forced and early and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

"It would be naive for any organisation working to aid FGM and not seeking to end the other issue of early and forced marriages because these problems come together which impeach on the development of women and girls."