The Government is going to re-examine the provision of meals to Ukrainian refugees in hotels as part of an effort to encourage people to take up offers of alternative accommodation when it becomes available.

At present some, but not all, of those fleeing the war are provided with food in hotel accommodation.

At present the Department of Integration has contracted 25% of the country's hotel bed spaces. But the Government is going to consider how to encourage people to move into more permanent accommodation if there are more offers of pledged accommodation.

It is part of a broader policy to aid Ukrainian refugees move out of temporary accommodation as the war has been continuing since late October.

In addition the Government will consider the financial burden on host families who are facing much larger bills than originally expected due to inflation.

The issue of accommodation for refugees will be considered at a meeting of a Cabinet sub committee on Monday.

The State is close to signing a contract for a new reception hub as the existing centre at the Citywest Convention Centre outside Dublin has reached capacity.

The meeting will look at providing finance to local authorities to facilitate them to refurbish 4,000 vacant buildings.

It will also examine the current inflow of people seeking international protection from countries outside the European Economic Area.

Ministers will also discuss providing prefab buildings in Mullingar Barracks instead of tents.

They will be updated on the Government's plans to provide modular homes on six sites around the country.

In the past week, 1,700 people arrived into Ireland seeking accommodation from the State.

Approximately 1,400 were from Ukraine and 300 were seeking international protection.

There has been a significant increase in those coming from Ukraine as Russia stepped up its bombardment of the west the country.