The Minister for Justice has met community leaders in Cherry Orchard in Dublin following the ramming of a garda car there earlier this week.

Helen Mc Entee once again condemned the incident as unacceptable and gave a commitment that the Government understood the issues and would respond.

She also announced that €135,000 confiscated by the Criminal Assets Bureau will be invested in a youth project in the area.

The Minister said the ramming of cars should be looked at and that the Garda Commissioner was well aware of the type of resources and training that is needed.

She said she was working with Commissioner Harris to make sure that he had everything needed to ensure that people out on the beat are able to deal with the situation they face.

She said that she was absolutely committed to making sure that there are more gardaí coming through Templemore and that stations have a mix of new recruits and experienced people across the board.

'Sustainable response required'

Community workers in Cherry Orchard said they had a good meeting with the minister and felt they had been listened to.

However, they pointed out that the social, economic and educational disadvantage that has beset the area for generations has been ignored by successive governments.

Youth and community worker with Family Base in Cherry Orchard for 40 years Brendan Cummins told RTÉ's Drivetime that he wished what happened on Monday did not have to happen to get a minister's attention.

From a youth perspective, he said it was about supporting the people involved, and understanding that there is a person behind the behaviour, which he said was not always a justice issue.

Mr Cummins said that people in Cherry Orchard felt they had been included in a cycle of development plans without action and that the community has been let down by statutory agencies.

He said that local services had always been identifying local needs of young people, but it feels the area is going backwards in time to the 1990s when it wasn't a nice place to live.

He said that Cherry Orchard was a good community but there is a level of anti-social behaviour which has been normalised.

He said more resources were welcome, adding that a sustainable response is also needed.

'Permanent not temporary solution'

The Garda Representative Association (GRA) said this evening it is aware that "in the wake of this appalling incident", extra personnel have been drafted in to help police the area.

It said it hopes that there will be a further permanent - rather than temporary - increase in numbers deployed to alleviate serving frontline gardaí there.

"In an era of universal recognition of the importance of occupational health and safety, I would have serious concerns that serious gaps remain in driving and self-defence training," a GRA statement read.

"We again ask that senior management initiate immediate training for CBD2 driving for all frontline members, and also the re-certification of members in the use of non-lethal force protective (pepper spray and ASP) training."

The GRA added that what happened on Monday evening was "sadly not an isolated incident".

"We need action rather than platitudes from elected Government and local councillors if our gardaí are to be able to go about their lawful duties without constant fear of serious injury, or worse."

The two gardaí affected by the incident informed the GRA local representative of their gratitude to those checking in on them.

The statement added that they wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes.