Fishers, vessel owners and skippers involved in pot fishing have been warned about the dangers of ropes attached to pots and buoys becoming entangled in the propellers of other vessels.

In a marine notice issued today by the Department of Transport, mariners who spot ropes in the water that they deem to be a danger to navigation are being urged to alert other vessels in the area, as well as the Coastguard or relevant local authority who may issue hazard warnings.

The marine notice says the use of excessively long lines on marker buoys that indicate the position of lobster, crab or other shellfish pots can foul propellers, even if vessels have taken a wide berth around the buoys.

This can occur as a result of lines floating on or just below the surface.

The department has also urged fishermen not to mark pots using drink cans, plastic bottles or dark coloured floats which offer poor visibility and could be mistaken for floating debris.