Groups from five counties representing homeowners whose properties have been affected by defective blocks have urged the Government to immediately amend its redress scheme.

In a strongly worded statement, the Donegal Mica Action Group, Mayo Pyrite Action Group, Clare Pyrite Action Group, Limerick Action Group and Sligo Action Group warned they would continue to campaign until the scheme is changed.

They described the proposed legislation to address this issue as failing in its responsibility to protect victims, citizens, and taxpayers.

The groups want 80 amendments to the legislation before it is enacted, which is due to happen next month.

They say it is not just houses that mica is destroying, "but our daily lives, our working lives, our family lives, our physical and mental wellbeing, the very fabric of our communities."

Without charges to the legislation, the groups say they will not support it.

"The time for engagement is over. Amendments are needed," they said.

Last week Minister for Housing Darragh O'Brien said that he was "confident" that the €2.7bn redress scheme will help Mica homeowners "get their lives back together".

Under the plan, there is a potential 100% grant subject to a €420,000 cap, as well as a second cap of €145-161 per square foot.