A two-day conference hosted by the Housing Commission, which will contribute to the proposed wording of a housing referendum, got under way this morning.

'Conference on a referendum on Housing in Ireland' will feature a range of Irish and international experts, who will share their views on housing experiences nationally and internationally.

The commission has been tasked with examining issues that have long-term impacts on communities, such as tenure, standards, sustainability, and quality-of-life issues in the provision of housing.

It also has the specific task of bringing forward proposals on the wording for a referendum on housing.

The conference will hear contributions on the right to housing and property rights, international perspectives on housing and the level of impact that can be made by constitutionalising social rights.

The Housing Commission was established by the Government to independently examine and review the housing system in Ireland.

Its first meeting was held in January this year.

Its role is to consider the features of a good housing system and the steps required to introduce such a system in Ireland.