The IDA removed a warning on power outages from a joint submission to an EirGrid consultation on managing future demand on the electricity grid.

An earlier version of the submission made with the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment warned that the risk included "the increased likelihood of more frequent system alerts, and system emergencies with a potential for electricity customers losing power at times this year."

However, according to internal emails released to RTÉ News under freedom of information, the IDA urged the removal of "with a potential for electricity customers losing power at times this year" from the submission and it did not appear in the final version sent to EirGrid.

The document was submitted to EirGrid in June 2021, at a time when concerns around energy security were heightened.

Last year, EirGrid invited submissions on its Shaping our Electricity Future analysis which aimed to plan for the move to generate 70% of energy needs from renewable sources by 2030.

Central to the policy is a plan on how to cater for the increased demands of data centres and large energy users.

These demands have strained the grid as they require very large amounts of constant electricity.

Earlier this week, EirGrid confirmed that it would not connect any more data centres in Dublin for the foreseeable future.

It says the greater Dublin area is constrained and any new data centre applications will only be considered for other parts of the country on a case-by-case basis.

There are concerns about energy security and the large electricity consumption of data centres.

EirGrid issued seven amber alerts in a recent 12-month period warning of issues with energy supply.

In the documents released to RTÉ News, it was revealed that the IDA also requested a change from a description of data centres as "high load single connections" to "highly predictable and stable connections".

While the submission warned of capacity constraints in the Dublin region, a reference to this being "as a result of demand principally from data centres" was removed from the final submission - also at the request of the IDA.

In the joint document, the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment and the IDA said it remained their view that data centres bring substantial capital investment and new export service and subsupply capabilities.