The Director General of RTÉ has said gardaí did not "raid" the station as part of their investigation into the convicted paedophile Kieran Creaven and did not "seize equipment".

Dee Forbes said RTÉ provided the gardaí with all information and "access requested ... willingly and without delay" and it was important to clarify this.

In a letter to staff this evening, three days after the former RTÉ employee was jailed for ten years for the sexual abuse of children, the head of RTÉ said "the deep sense of shock and upset across the organisation is palpable".

She also said the events had "cast a dark shadow" over RTÉ.

The Director General also insisted that RTÉ has been "responding" to questions raised by media organisations and will continue to do so and "be as transparent as we can".

However, RTÉ has still not said whether or not it has carried out an internal review to try to determine if Creaven used RTÉ equipment, such as phones and computers, to sexually abuse children or if he did so on RTÉ time.

One in Four, the organisation that deals with victims of child sexual abuse, has called on RTÉ to carry out such a review.

As a senior television sports producer, Creaven travelled extensively in Asia, Europe and the UK while working for RTÉ and the station covered his work expenses.

RTÉ has clarified that Creaven's trips to six specific countries, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia and Kenya, were not in connection with RTÉ business.

Ms Forbes also said tonight RTÉ had now made contact with gardaí to determine if it can do anything else in the investigation.

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