This October bank holiday weekend is set to start off wet and blustery, as rain is forecast to extend across the country this afternoon.

From this morning, Met Éireann said outbreaks of rain would extend across the western half of the country, while the day starts off dry and cloudy elsewhere.

In the afternoon and evening, heavy and persistent rain will spread across the southern coastal counties, with a risk of localised flooding.

Tonight will see blustery outbreaks of rain clear eastwards, followed by both clear spells and scattered heavy showers.

Tomorrow will bring both sunny spells and scattered heavy showers, especially across Atlantic counties, where they will merge into some longer spells of rain.

The night will see the last of the blustery and wet conditions clear into the Irish Sea, while scattered showers will continue for the rest of the night.

Those scattered showers will continue into Monday, but will mainly be across the western half of the country. There will be sunny spells across the country, with dry and clear spells forecast for the evening.