The Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue says cuts in emissions from Agriculture can be achieved through new technologies and new practices.

Speaking at the announcement of the Government's CAP Strategy Plan for 2023-2027, Minister McConalogue described media reports on the size of carbon emission cuts to be required from the agriculture sector as "speculation".

Agriculture will "play its part", he said, adding that a reduction in Ireland's carbon footprint is "based on stable herd numbers".

An investment in technology will contribute to reducing emissions, Minister McConalogue said.

"We haven't been able to decouple agriculture from rising emissions and we have to stabilise those emissions and then see the effects of our technologies and breeding programmes," Minister of State for Land Use and Biodiversity Pippa Hackett said.

"We have to see those emissions plateau very soon," she added.

The Government's CAP Strategy Plan for 2023-2027 includes a new €1.5bn agri-environmental measure which will replace the GLAS, AOS and REP Schemes.

Minister McConalogue said there will be a new €260m Beef Suckler Carbon Efficiency Progamme to replace the current beef data genomics programme.

The new CAP Strategic Plan is a 50% increase on national co-financing on the previous plan, he said.

The capping of payments is under consideration, Minister McConalogue said, with an effective cap of €66,000 down from €160,000.

The emphasis will be on economically, environmentally and socially sustainable agriculture, he added.