The Women of Honour group has raised concerns about the interim measures that have been put in place by the Minister for Defence following allegations of abuse within the defence forces.

On Wednesday, Simon Coveney announced the appointment of a Confidential Contact Person as an interim support measure for current and former members of the Defence Forces who have been affected by unacceptable behaviour in the workplace.

He said the service, provided by the Raiseaconcern organisation, would listen to and assist current and former members of the defence forces in documenting their allegations and provide them with guidance on follow-on options open to them.

However, Karina Molloy of the Women of Honour group said that after meeting with the organisation today, they are unhappy about the lack of support for those sharing their experiences.

She said the Department of Defence had appointed the organisation without consultation and they want further clarification about the supports that will be provided to those who share their accounts.

Reacting to this evening's developments, the Department of Defence said it would respond to any queries or clarifications about the service without delay.

"Given the nature of the allegations, the Minister acted quickly in putting in place an appropriate confidential contact person who is independent and outside of the chain of command. This was welcomed. If there are additional queries and clarifications to be undertaken in relation to this service they will be attended to without delay."

The interim measures were announced following the broadcast of the RTÉ Radio 1 documentary Women of Honour, which contained allegations of rape, sexual assault, harassment and discrimination against female members of the defence forces.

Earlier this week, the Minister Coveney said he was committed to an independent review of allegations of abuse in the defence forces and that his Department was working with a number of bodies to establish terms of reference for such an inquiry.

However, he said the work of the Confidential Contact Person would help each individual to make an informed decision in relation to next steps regarding their allegations, and would update the Minister on the number and types of cases and that all of this would inform the Independent Review process.