A self-employed mother-of-two has said that she had her car seized this morning without any warning as a result of a €100 toll bill, which she thought was paid.

Speaking on RTÉ's Liveline, Emma said that she had contacted toll operator, Easy Trip, last October to update her card details and was told that any outstanding journeys would be deducted from her account.

She has now been told that they did not take payment for 34 trips that she made between March and June.

This amounted to €100, but the amount demanded has now surged to €8,100.

Emma said: "This morning at 6.45, my doorbell rang and I was presented with a tow away truck and I would say maybe six big burly men handed me a letter and said 'we're taking your car away it's being seized'.

"We were saying 'why? what's going on?' We had no idea. We had no pre-warning.

"We were told that the office wasn't open until 10am and they didn't even have a figure of what was outstanding or why they were taking the car."

The car is a 2014 Mazda that she insists is not worth €8,000.

Emma said: "Obviously, something has gone horribly wrong here. I have a tag on the car.

"I rang Easy Trip who I have my car with. I explained that I got my car in March (2020) so it's not anything from years ago. It's right at the start of Covid.

"In October, I was on to them because my card had expired and it wasn't going through, the payments weren't going through, so I updated the card. I said to the girl ‘look, there's a couple of tolls outstanding on the card’.

"She said they'll be backdated. ‘They'll go through your account’.

"So roughly around that day €500 came out of my account from Easy Trip."

Emma now understands that Easy Trip only went back 90 days and that there were 34 journeys from before then that they did not take a card payment for.

These were charged at a rate of €2.90 each, but the bill has now multiplied and stands at €8,100.

She said: "I'm self-employed and I'm trying to restart my business. I'm stuck now.

"I can't make money. It's hard enough to start back up after everything and now this."