An enterprising mum says she is delighted that demand for her wooden toy rental business has "exploded".

Vicky Noble found herself locked down with a newborn and a four-year-old in March.

When entertaining her two children became increasingly challenging and they quickly grew bored of their toys, Vicky began to think about the idea of swapping toys with another family.

Growing up in Lithuania, Vicky says wooden toys are a tradition and fit with the sustainable lifestyle she wants for her young family - and so her business was born.

She launched her DluluKaloo wooden toy rental business in October after gauging interest with other mums in her community.

'Dlulu' meaning ‘elephant’ and ‘kaloo’ meaning ‘ball’ were her daughter Daniela’s first two words.

"Toys, especially bigger toys, they sit there gathering dust, so I thought it would be amazing to be able to try before you buy, and I thought why don’t I do that," Vicky said.

Vicky now rents out bundles of wooden toys to her customers for a month at a time, and they can either send them back to her or choose to buy them if their children love them.

She feels this is important to stop people wasting money on toys that children may have no interest in, as well as cutting down on plastic by using only wooden toys.

And most importantly, because of the pandemic, Vicky quarantines her toys and sterilises them between customers.

She said while it can be a struggle juggling her new business with her two small children, the reward of hearing that a child has loved the toy she has sent them is all that matters.