Today is World Bee Day, so here are five positive bee-related things happening now.

World Bee Day serves to acknowledge the important role bees and other pollinators play in the ecosystem.

To mark the occasion, RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra violinist Karl Sweeney recorded himself performing Flight of the Bumblebee.

A Westmeath beekeeper has gone viral with his beehive made of LEGO. Ruairi O Leochain built a fully functioning beehive from coloured LEGO bricks as part of a GoFundMe fundraiser for Athlone's Wildlife Apiaries. His creativity has picked up international media coverage - we're sure he’s bee-ming.

In Tramore, Co Waterford, the local eco group have set up a bee corridor. Group member Afra Cronin has been giving away free plants to people in her 5km radius to create a bee-friendly environment in the community. Their hope is that the spread of the plants will encourage a thriving bee population in the area. Ms Cronin sets up a weekly stall outside her front garden and people have queued at a social distance to accept their free plants.

Bees in Croke Park are buzzing with the wildflowers that are now growing in the stadium's carparks. Caretakers have stopped cutting the grass verges since Covid-19 restrictions were put in place, and it has allowed wildflowers to blossom for bees in the area.

And some bee-themed arts and crafts, for the day that’s in it… Green-Schools Ireland have made video showing kids how to make bee-autiful origami bees. They also share some interesting facts about bees in the process.