A group of primary schoolchildren in Dublin are on a mission to end the use of single-use plastic party bags.

The six members of the 'Party Bag Busters’ group are third class pupils at St Clare’s Primary School in Harold's Cross.

they want to highlight how damaging single-use plastic party bags are to the environment.

Nine-year-old Seóna Laing is a member of 'The Party Bag Busters'.

She said: "Through our research we know there are approximately 678,000 children in Ireland between the ages of four and eight.

"So this year we estimate they’ll receive five plastic party bags at birthday parties. That’s over three million party bags ending up in landfill."

Seóna Laing of the 'Party Bag Busters' initiative

The initiative is part of the pupils' entry for the SEAI One Good Idea schools competition.

The competition encourages children around Ireland to engage with climate action and to explore ways to live more sustainably.

The 'Party Bag Busters' are encouraging the use of more environmentally-friendly alternatives to party bags.

Hugh Dowling

Nine-year-old Hugh Dowling suggested that children can, "bring a little toy to a party and you could swap it for someone else’s toy".

The 'Party Bag Busters' will present their initiative at the Leinster semi-final of the SEAI One Good Idea schools competition later this month.