A group of 11 advocacy and legal organisations have joined forces to call for adequate funding for new dedicated Family Law courts that are fit for purpose.

The new site for the family courts is at Hammond Lane, near Smithfield in Dublin city centre.

The groups involved launched their campaign called "Courting Disaster" at the site this morning.

They want to highlight what they call "the archaic conditions in which family law and childcare cases are currently being heard in Ireland".

Barnardos, Children's Rights Alliance, Community Law and Mediation, Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, Family Lawyers Association, FLAC, National Women's Council Ireland, One Family, The Bar of Ireland, The Law Society and Women's Aid are all part of the campaign.

They want the Government to immediately allocate the funding required to develop a dedicated Family Law Court so that deficiencies in the current system can be addressed.

The group said that often the family courts are used by some of the most vulnerable members of society who are seeking to resolve family law issues which often involves relationship or marital breakdown and domestic violence.

It said that needs such as separate waiting areas, family-friendly spaces and private consultation rooms are not currently being met.

Gillian Dennehy, who is the service manager for Women's Aid, said that women who are experiencing abuse in their daily lives should be provided with the "dignity and respect" of courts that are fit for purpose.

She said there can sometimes be long queues where women are left waiting all day to get protection orders, and that they have to consult with their solicitors in open hallways without any privacy.

She said there can often be violence and aggression in the Family Courts where security staff would have to step in.

But she said that if we had courts that had adequate space, there would be less of those incidents.

It is understood that €80 million has been made available by the Government for the project. However building on the site has not yet commenced and this group said the funding level falls short by tens of millions.

Speaking at the site at Hammond Lane Micheál O'Higgins SC, Chairman of the Council of the Bar of Ireland, said that a broad concern is the standard of the facilities that are currently available and the insufficiency of consultation rooms so that people can conduct their sensitive and private business in private.

He said there was currently a "logjam", as there is a "dispute between Government and the interested parties about the budget available".

Mr O'Higgins said that other costings have been done and that "unfortunately, the budget assigned for this is very considerably short to the tune of many millions, for what we believe is required for this very important initiative".

He said the group believes the allocated €80m is "inadequate" and that it "won't address existing concerns", adding that delays in building this facility have led to a backlog of cases being exacerbated.

Mr O'Higgins said the Government needs to reconsider the budget for the Hammond Lane site.

He said the group is anxious that the facility is built but is "anxious that it will accommodate the needs of this very large group of people who are left without a proper resource".

A spokesperson for the Courts Service said it is in negotiations about the required level of funding for this progress and that a detailed planning and a process of consultation with stakeholders has been completed.

However, the Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan  said the Courts Service has been advised that €80m in capital is available and that it and the OPW are "preparing plans for a suitable building that meets its needs within the available budget".

Mr Flanagan said he is "absolutely committed" to building a new Family Law Centre and a new Children's Court, and added that he is "anxious to see the proposal finalised as soon as possible".

The minister said he will also shortly be bringing forward proposals to set up a separate family court with dedicated family court judges within the existing court structures so as to improve the facilities and procedures with dealing with all family law court business.