A year-long experiment is underway in Cork which aims to turn waste collected from a farmers' market into soil. 

The Cork Urban Soil Project (CUSP), based out of Mahon Farmers' Market, says "waste is a matter of perception" and "climate change resilience is best built by communities".

Virginia O'Gara, co-founder of My Goodness vegan food company, is one of the food producers involved with the project.

She spoke to RTÉ News for our "Climate and Me" series of reports which have featured people who are committed to making a difference on climate change.

Virginia said: "We are collecting and sorting waste from the market and bringing it back to place in our biodigester.

"By using microbes, heat and undulation we take that would-be waste, divert it from landfill and turn it back into soil.

"So, we are creating a closed loop system where would-be waste is now the input for the farmers to grow their food."

Globally 1.3 billion tonnes of edible food is lost or wasted every year, which accounts for one eighth of global greenhouse gas emissions.