Two centres that cater for people with mental health difficulties have received eight high-risk ratings following inspections by the Inspector of Mental Health Services.

The reports, published this morning by the Mental Health Commission, show failings in compliance rates relating to staffing, rules governing the use of seclusion as well as privacy and the searching of patients.

The two centres are the Child & Adolescent Mental Health In-patient Unit, Merlin Park University Hospital, Galway and the mental health unit at the Central Mental Hospital, Dundrum in Dublin.

Inspector of Mental Health Services Dr Susan Finnerty found that compliance rates at the mental health inpatient units at the Central Mental Hospital continued to decline from previous inspections and the facility received five high-risk ratings.

Dr Finnerty found the general condition of the buildings were not maintained to required standards, there were a number of hazards including sharp edges, slippery and dirty floors, steps and stairs, and rusty pipes.

The report also noted that a blocked toilet and a resulting smell in one of the units was a recurring issue.

Concerns were also raised in relation to the seclusion room where there was no soft padding and which contained furniture that posed a potential risk to patients.

The report also shows the centre is not compliant with correct procedure when it comes to the searching of patients. It notes that patient consent to being searched was not documented, nor was there evidence that patients were told why they were being searched.

This facility is due to close and plans to transition to a new building in 2020 are in place.

In relation to the CAMHS centre at Merlin Park, the facility received three high risk ratings under the headings of premises, staffing and seclusion.

The seclusion room is located outside, resulting in the compromising of residents privacy and dignity, according to the report.

There is also no access to adequate toilet or wash facilities in the room.

The centre was also found to be unclean and unhygienic and that it was not maintained with "due regard to the specific needs of residents."

The report did highlight that Merlin Park CAMHS rated as excellent in 14 other areas and overall compliance stood at 85%.