My heart had been in my mouth. 

My stomach felt like it was still somewhere over Co Kildare.

But thankfully my feet were now very much on the ground.

I had just "enjoyed" the unique experience of flying with the Irish Air Corps in a Pilatus PC9 aircraft.

Members of the media had been invited to take part in a special aerobatic, formatic flight ahead of the Bray Air Display later this month. 

This morning had begun with a comprehensive, and somewhat reassuring, "ejection seat" briefing at Casement Aerodrome in Baldonnel.

Then it was time to get fitted for my g-suit, which is a flight suit worn by aviators who are subject to high levels of acceleration force.

"It's going to be quite a physical flying experience for you," smiled Captain Michael Barcoe, from the Irish Air Corps.

"The aircraft can pull up to 7g's, so that means you can experience up to seven times your own body weight. So it is quite a physical aircraft to fly in."

Just before lunch - which was probably just as well - we took to the skies.

The two-seater PC9 first entered service in 2004 and is the main pilot training aircraft for the Air Corps.

Its Chief Flying Instructor, Captain Vincent Haigney, was the pilot for this rooky recruit.

"We're just coming up to Newbridge," he tells me over the aircraft's comms.

"Well this is a good way to beat the M7 roadworks," I laugh, beginning to enjoy the experience.

And what an experience it turned out to be, complete with loops, barrel rolls and half clovers pulling upwards of 5g.

The flight climaxed with a spectacular fly-past over Dublin city centre and the River Liffey, at just 1,000 feet.

"Are you okay back there?" Captain Haigney asked as the PC9 came to stop on the runway at Baldonnel.

"You went a bit quiet for a while!" he added, with a laugh.

The Irish Air Corps will be taking part in the 14th annual Bray Air Display on 27 and 28 July.

Some of the best display teams and individual acts from around the world will showcase their acrobatic skills and perform to thousands of spectators at the free two-day event.

Today's amazing experience aside, I'll be happy to enjoy it from the ground!