Parents spent an average of €929 on their child's First Holy Communion day this year, an 8% increase on last year's spend, according to an Ulster Bank survey.

It is the highest spend recorded since 2011, when the average was €967.

The survey found that the largest increase was the amount of money spent on outfits, with the figure jumping 35% from €162 to €218.

Other increases in spending were also recorded in family members buying outfits for the occasion, from €153 to €195, an increase of 27%. Spending on party food and drink increased slightly by 2%, from €349 to €357.

According to the survey, spending on makeup and hair for girls also increased since last year, from €35 to €41.

However, it found that parents spent less on children’s entertainment, from €161 to €119, a drop of 26%.

The survey found that the average amount of money received by children for their Communion this year was €617, up 10% from €558. Nearly 23% of children received over €800 on their Communion Day.

One-hundred-and-seventy-five parents were surveyed for the Ulster Bank Communion Survey, which was carried out last month.

The majority of the survey’s respondents funded Communion expenses from their savings (91%, an increase of 2% from last year).

Other respondents sought assistance to meet Communion costs, with 10% seeking help from family and friends.