The recently formed Aontú party has launched its local election manifesto in Dublin.

The party is running 53 candidates in the south in the upcoming local elections. 

Party leader Peadar Tóibín said Aontú was running on a range of issues including housing, health, Irish unity and rural development.

He said the party is operating on "fresh air" and is the only party without funding. 

He said the Government policy on housing was incorrect and he said they had put the "red carpet" out for international investors - which he claimed had driven up rents and pushed first time buyers out of the market

He also accused the Government of "emptying out the west of Ireland" and rural areas with its policies. 

Asked about the party's stance on migration, he said Aontú welcomed immigrants from war-torn regions or areas affected by famine as well as economic migrants.

Mr Tóibín also said the number of female council candidates running would be above the new 30% threshold required for the local elections.

He said Aontú was "radically different" from all the other political parties and was challenging the "uniformity" within Irish society. 

He said: "We believe that the political system is broken in Ireland and that can be seen by the massive waiting lists in housing and health care.

"At the same time the Government is pouring billions of euro of wasted overspend into the National Broadband Plan and the National Children's Hospital and that has to change."