A couple from London are due to complete a three-week journey to every train station in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Geoff Marshall - a video producer and transport blogger, and Vicki Pipe - a presenter and museum education professional - will have travelled to all 198 train stations when they arrive in Derry later today. 

The pair have been creating an online video series, 'All The Stations', about the journey.

The original 'All The Stations' series in 2017 saw the pair travel to every railway station in Britain - all 2,563 of them.

The 59 videos in that series have so far accumulated over 4 million views on YouTube.

"For the past three weeks we have been travelling the railway networks of Ireland and Northern Ireland; discovering how they work and what they mean to people. 

"It's a mix that seems to capture people's imaginations: trains, travel, interviews, history and slightly nerdy railway facts!" said Vicki.

'All the Stations - Ireland' has been funded by a Kickstarter campaign which raised approximately €30,000 from 1,149 people earlier this year.