Tributes have been paid to an Irish woman who fought for transparency in hospital care in the Netherlands after her cervical cancer went undiagnosed for a number of years.

Adrienne Cullen died this morning aged 58 at the Netherlands Cancer Institute.

She had campaigned for a no gagging clause policy in medical facilities across Europe.

Ms Cullen was told in 2011 that she was healthy, but in 2013 following a review of old pathology tests, a previous test for cancerous tissue was found to have in fact been positive.

By 2015 further tests showed the cancer had spread.

Ms Cullen settled a legal action against the Dutch hospital involved – University Medical Centre Utrecht - after it lost the scans that showed she had cervical cancer.

An independent medical consultant concluded if the test result had not been lost, she would have had a 95% to 98% chance of recovery.

Her husband, Peter Cluskey, said on twitter that the "formidable warrior" she had been appallingly treated.

Ms Cullen was conferred with an honorary doctorate in Laws at University College Cork earlier this month.